99% accurate way to find out your real body fat percentage with a in depth video presentation!


Hi there folks, don’t be mad at me for not writing this whole time, but I really don’t know what happened in my personal life, anyway, let’s get started with today’s topic! Those who really are into building lean muscle mass without fat, surely do keep track of their diet plan and what not!

Scheduling your meals, your workout and your resting time is a must if you want to get a shredded body and also big muscles! But how do you measure the level of lean muscle mass or as others say it, how do you find out your real body fat percentage?

the most accurate method to calculate body fat levels

First of all, what is this body fat and what does it show to the average Joe who spends some time in the gym or to the competitive bodybuilder?

Body fat is generally a good thing for a human being because without fat, the human body can’t function properly and if you reach the point where you’re under a 5% body fat percentage, then you’ll start to be weak and unhealthy, why do you think a bodybuilder’s competition body fat percentage (between 3%-5%) is in those parameters just for a couple of days up to 2 weeks?

Yeah, you just want to find out the best solution to measure body fat percentage, I know! Stay with me on this!

The healthy fat is stored in you muscles, organs and bone marrow! But, when you start going over the percentage of 20% body fat, that’s when you should start worrying if you’re a man! Women usually need more body fat for ovulation, breasts and etc.

A lot of gym freaks want to know how to accurately calculate body fat levels and in this fitness era, you have lots of possibilities like:

  • The Tanita– it’s like a weight scale which sends currents through your feet and it calculates the time in which those currents come back, thus seeing “how much of you” is going on. Price starts with 20$ but don’t expect huge results! The same goes for the BIA device which you hold in your hands.


  • DEXA scanning– this one is a special medical device which is used more to calculate bone density but it’s pretty effective at calculating body fat levels in young men who are interested in keepind a lean muscle mass appearance. It has been rumoured that its effectiveness decreases for women, older men, obese persons and etc. You can talk to your personal physician for a consult.


  • old school Calipers– this is a classic and more precise way to calculate body fat percentage by pinching different areas of your body to see the skin thickness and using a special formula to calculate your overall body fat level from those estimates. It’s pretty hard to do it by yourself!


After reading about the usual noneffective methods used to estimate body fat percentage, it’s time for the best and most efficient method to calculate body fat levels with an in depth video presentation of how the process goes! *drum rolling* Yep, it’s HYDROSTATIC TESTING!!!

The whole process in hydrostatic testing is a little tricky as you can see from the above video, you must take deep breaths and blow all the air unde water for 3 times while being on some kind of sensors. This method is truly accurate, with a 1% chance of being off!

Pay attention to the video presentation of the hydrostatic testing, you’ll also see other candidates with different body fat levels so that you can make a visual idea of what your percentage of lean muscle mass is.

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