All about order 66 and Jason Genova! Who is this weirdo and what was his video response after being slapped by Rich Piana?


Everybody heard about Jason Genova, the bodybuilder nerd that also seems a little mentally unstable, a guy which got even more popular on the internet after he got slapped by Rich Piana on camera! But Rich had his own reasons for doing that!

So, what’s with Jason Genova? Why is Jason Genova so famous on youtube and on the internet ?!


Jason Genova’s video response after being slapped by Rich Piana

This weirdo is a phenomenon which can only be understood by experiencing it, looking at his facebook posts, his youtube videos and instagram updates!

Jason Howard Genova is a wannabe bodybuilder who overestimates himself, a guy who dishes everyone from pro ifbb athletes, bodybuilders, fitness models or even supplement brands, to huge bodybuilding sites like; But the thing is that he does that in his own peculiar way, by conjuring the ORDER 66!

Why am I saying that Jason Genova is a nerd? This also has something to do with the order 66! What does order 66 mean?

The Dark Lord Spaniard, as Jason Genova calls himself and the ORDER 66 crap, are taken from the Star Wars movie saga, yeah, that’s why he’s a nerd!

ORDER 66 – also known as natty protocol 66, is one of a series of contingency orders that the internet troopers or trolls of the “Grand Army of the Internet” are trained to obey without hesitation.

The order brands or calls out members of the bodybuilding industry, models or bodybuilders, as traitors to the bodybuilding phenomenon and calls for their immediate spamming with criticism and threats without question or hesitation. ( special adaptation on the Star Wars – Order 66 actual meaning, hahaa )

Why do people say that Jason Genova is crazy? Well you’ll see in these videos from his youtube channel; This is the real deal if you really wondered who is Jason Genova:

In the first video, you can see how Jason Genova is calling out Rich Piana out of the blue with that order 66 crap, for not sponsoring him and for not acknowledging him as a real bodybuilder. This seems to me like a threat from a mental troubled person.

This second video is when Jason Genova got box slapped by Rich Piana on camera while filming at a bodybuilding convention.

If you’ll take a closer look, after those slaps from Rich, all that fierce manliness which Jason Genova showed in the previous video, is all gone! He was shaking like a girl with muscles at the end and he agreed to stop trolling people on youtube!

A video posted by @thedelraymisfits on

Now, this last video of Jason Genova is the proof that he’s kind of brain damaged! After he got home and seeing that he is safe, with no Rich Piana around to slap him some more, he decided to record another viral video in which he says that Rich Piana hits like a “candy ass 5% little bitch”.

So, what do you want more from this crazy bodybuilder? If Jason Genova’s response after the slap incident with Rich Piana, didn’t make you a true believer that he’s mentally unstable, then maybe you should read more stuff from All About Jason Genova .

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