How to curl a 170 lb barbell like a boss!

how-to-curl-more-than-everIf you’re curious how to quickly beat a weight lifting record in any possible way if you can’t do it with your own physical strength, then you must try building your own exoskeleton like the one from the next video which was inspired from Elysium, the movie.

There are so many interesting videos on youtube and this is one of them; The guy already had some strength and some muscle mass but the true power came from the homemade exoskeleton which just made him look like he was playing around with the 170 lb barbell!


Here’s what the 68 year old Sylvester Stallone does with his body!

Believe it or not, most of the old school action movie actors like Jean Claude Van Damme, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris etc. , have grown old and most of them are still in great shape.

Sylvester Stallone at the hospital after doing stunts for a fight scene

Sylvester Stallone at the hospital after doing stunts for a fight scene

Sylvester Stallone is 68 years old and he still keeps a shredded body with big muscles as you can see from his new movies like The Expendables, movies where he’s got fighting skills, big arms and imposing presence.

Next, you’ll see a great behind the scenes video where Sylvester Stallone is fighting with Steve Austin in an almost literal way.


All about Generation Iron – A Pumping Iron copycat which focuses on the constant struggle of the nowadays bodybuilders

bodybuilding-must-watch-movieLet’s talk about the new bodybuilding movie called Generation Iron. This movie is trying to be a Pumping Iron copycat where the focus sits on the backstages of the bodybuilding world, the unseen things from bodybuilding and the real struggle of each competitive bodybuilder in order to win the greatest prize of all.. the title of Mr. Olympia!

This bodybuilding competition is like the Holy Grail of bodybuilding and if you win it, it automatically brings you, besides the $1.000.000 prize, sponsors which are usually represented by huge supplement companies that will pay you tons of cash just to be the image of the company.


Rammstein – Ich Tu Dir Weh

It’s time for a great workout song from Rammstein, the german rock band which can get you in the mood for anything!

All of the songs for workout are good to be kept in order and somewhere where you will always find them because there are some times in life when you can’t train that hardcore at the gym to get big muscles and they will definitely help!

You gotta love training to Rammstein’s music, I mean the lead singer is obviously into weightlifting too! đŸ˜€


Big muscles and strength training is nothing if you can’t finish a typical endurance test for the British Royal Marines

There are a lot of people who think that if they get big bulging muscles and a bodybuilder body, everything will change for them and that they will become the strongest guys out there;


But sometimes you get things wrong and if you really want to consider yourself as a tough guy, then you should undergo a typical endurance circuit just like the one from the next training video of the British Royal Marines, where a bodybuilder champion, a competitive physique athlete and an endurance lifting champion (notice that these guys are more into the weightlifting category) try to prove that lifting weights can help you in all kinds of training methods:


The end of Ronnie Coleman’s gym days and bodybuilder life is here! He underwent a serious surgery at the hospital

ronnie-coleman-2014-hip-surgeryI’m here today with some really bad news about our several times Mr. Olympia winner, Ronnie Coleman! Even though he stopped competing in bodybuilding contests a long time ago, Ronnie still went on with his bodybuilding training and hardcore workouts in order to maintain and even develop his already imposing muscle mass.

The thing is that, with the passing of the time, your body grows old and you can’t lift like you were used to when you were young and also on juice.

This same principle applies to Ronnie Coleman too and that’s why, when he posted on Instagram a photo with him, Ronnie Coleman at his last gym day before a hip replacement surgery that would be performed today on the 31 July 2014, I knew that this would be the end of Ronnie Coleman’s gym days… it’s sad but true!


Stop doing these chest training mistakes for better muscle results!

worst-chest-training-mistakes-in-the-gymIt seems that both the gym beginners and those advanced weightlifters do a whole bunch of chest workout mistakes that somewhat block the muscle gaining process. Listen to me carefully cause this is why your chest isn’t growing as you would like to!

Yes, you might think that those advanced gym guys know what they’re doing but sometimes, because of the fact that they want to experiment, they try to “invent” new ways to perform the basic chest exercises, new ways that are bad and can also lead to injuries and it’s better to do a chest workout with light weights rather than look at people training!

So here are the worst workout mistakes when training the chest muscles:


Flume – On Top feat. T.Shirt (Official Music Video)

Let’s have a great workout today with one of the awesome songs for workout with which you’ve been used to. Flume gives us a great training tune called “On Top” and the video is also cool!

All of you who really want to achieve greatness in bodybuilding, must keep a constant motivation ’cause you can’t do anything if you’re not a dedicated motha fucka’!

Do you feel good about yourself when looking in the mirror? Doesn’t it seem that you might get even more bigger?


One simple but precious tip per muscle group is all you need for great workouts!

Yes, sometimes building big muscles comes to a halt even if you stick to your regular workout and diet but the thing is that maybe you aren’t paying the same attention to details like the way you’re lifting weights or keeping that correct form when doing exercises; That’s why you should use these simple but effective workout tips per muscle group!



When it comes to training the shoulder muscles you must know that a well developed shoulder can be seen from far far away even if you’re dressed or just flexing and posing while being half naked; A pretty darn good training tip for training shoulders is to not block the arms when doing shoulder presses! You must leave the elbow in a slightly bended position.


Interesting fact that’ll make you eat more white rice than brown rice!


Every big bodybuilder will say that if you want to have a good diet plan, then you should eat a whole bunch of brown rice because it’s perfect for a bodybuilder diet, but is it? What about white rice? Why do gym people avoid it?

Brown rice is a slow digesting carb and a bodybuilder’s best meal choice while white rice can be harmful if you want lean muscle mass because of the fast assimilation and sudden insulin release inside the body.