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Abdominal exercises freak Cinderella Landolt!

When i saw this photo of Cinderella Landolt a lovely shemuscle, i thought that she must be an abdominal exercises freak.. and she is! You simply have to take a glimpse to see Cinderella Landolt's abs and think of her diet because just some abdominal exercises don't grow that kind of shredded muscles without proper nutrition :D

Tania Zamberlan shows abs and biceps

It looks like Tania Zamberlan has a lean, ripped, shredded body and her muscles are very well proportioned especially her abs as you can see from this shemuscle`s photo. Also Tania`s guns look a bit more powerful than your average Joe`s biceps. Even her necklines give Tania Zamberlan`s physique a statuesque look.

Sucker Punch: sexy dolls, workouts and training

Emily Browning or Baby Doll as you know her from the new movie Sucker Punch is a young girl that gets institutionalized by her abusive stepfather after killing her younger sister by mistake. After conceiving a plan and strategy in her imagination through an alternative reality, Emily Browning or Baby Doll together with Abbie Cornish as Sweet Pea, Jena Malone as Rocket, Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie and Jamie Chung as Amber try to escape from the mental facility beating anyone that stood in their w...

Minna Pajulahti dream peace hope shemuscle

Minna Pajulahti is a serious fitness competitor and as a shemuscle deputy she can show us 6 pack abs, shredded shoulders and much more besides her sexy red underwear with heart theme in the word hope. Dream peace hope what does that exactly mean? Maybe Minna Pajulahti the finnish fitness shemuscle is a supporter for world peace because with those muscles everybody will listen to her :D.

Sylvia Tremblay A Dreamy Shemuscle

She is in my opinion the hottest shemuscle i`ve ever seen :D. Sylvia Tremblay can make you go mad with that small purple bikini of hers but her aesthetics, proportions and build are sublime for a woman. Just take a look for yourself at her abs, thighs, biceps.. Isn`t she beautiful?

Rachelle Cannon Extraordinary Shemuscle

Rachelle Cannon besides her beautiful tan has a great physique, ideal even statuesque body with well rounded muscles. Beginning with her calves, continuing with her thighs, abs, chest, back, arms and even that pretty damn cute face of hers and lovely smile, you can see that Rachelle Cannon is fit to be a worthy shemuscle! The outfit suits her too.. that sexy black hat and black satin gloves make me go mad about her :D.

Ben Affleck`s Workout and Diet Plan

Hmm did you see the new movie "The Town"? Well you should see it because it`s a really nice one with some good action in it :). Ben Affleck got some ripped muscles and a impressive physique when playing the role of a ex pro hockey player Doug "Dougie" MacRay, a longtime thief that tries to manage his feelings for a bank manager connected to one of his earlier heists... so the plot begins :D but nevermind the movie, let`s talk about Ben Affleck`s Workout and even a little bit about Ben`s Diet Pl...

Nora Girones Shows Abs

Nora Girones.. a shemuscle model that has something to show us: Muscle muscle muscle and definition. What do you want more from those veins that pop through the skin at the abs by the pressing of the muscles?

Perfect Bodybuilder Drawing

This perfect bodybuilder drawing, sketch or even cartoon has emphasized on the look of big, ripped, vascular bodybuilders with huge muscles. That hulky chest, the trapezius, the six pack abs with those big arms, delts or shoulders draw your attention instantly! Wipe that smug off your face bodybuilder!

Sexy Female Abs Photo Gallery

Today`s post will have some sexy muscle female with superb abs in a small photo gallery and i hope you will like them. Veins are popping out of the skin, the tight pressured skin against those abs.. yeah some sexy female abs indeed!  So enjoy viewing these photos of sexy hard rock abs..Sexy Female Abs Photo Gallery