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Usher – OMG (Oh My Gosh Feat.

Usher - OMG (Oh My Gosh Feat. A nice workout song for the girls in the gym.. it`s good for fitness so jump up girls hold your hands in the air and work your muscles on this funky rhythm from Usher :D

Ups `n Downs in Bodybuilding Part 1

My passion for bodybuilding started really as a cliche if i can say, after i saw an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie " The Terminator". When i saw the movie i was 14 years old and didn`t know anything about this world of bodybuilding and how to build muscles, i just thought that Arnold was born with those huge muscles. After i saw it i went to my parents and told them: "I want those muscles" and they said something like: "Ooh no, they are so ugly and grotesque" but i knew the fact that Arnold`s bo...

Fundamental Knowledge to Reduce Fat

If this is your first time on a fat loss phase please remember that getting ripped takes a lot of dedication, time, discipline, and focus. Diet:Diet is more important than exercise when it comes to getting ripped. You can train very hard in the gym but if your meals consist of pizza, french fries, cheeseburgers, sodas etc. your abs will be just hidden :) all the time. In order to see visible results and not just muscle mass combined with a lot of fat try a low -moderate carb, low fat, high fibe...