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If you do more crunches your abs will be hard

WRONG! Your body deposits maximum fat on the belly and that is why it`s so hard to burn the fat from your abs quickly and easy (doing crunches for that muscle group). Further more, the muscles from your abs are a very small muscle group. It`s more appropriate to practice jogging, swimming or cycling besides crunches to have stone hard and hot abs. Up, down, up, down ! It`s a pity that doing crunches doesn`t help burning the fat from your abs in order to make them look stone hard ! :D

Ups `n Downs in Bodybuilding Part 5

After i bulked that muscle mass some time passed, spring came and along with it came sunny days, heat and i started wearing thin clothes, but in a particular day at school it hit me!I went to school in a black short sleeve shirt and a colleague of mine told me:"Hey Johnny you`ve gone fat, look at your belly."Those words made me realise a thing, f*%k bulking and muscle mass, i`ve bulked enough and i waited for summer to come faster.When summer came i`ve already had a plan in my mind with a strict...

Dirty Bulking isn`t an option!

Dirty Bulking: The process of a bodybuilding bulking diet eating ‘dirty’ or ‘unclean’ foods. When you dirty bulk you eat anything from fats, sugars, to anything you can shove down your throat.Dirty bulkers eat pizza, McDonalds, Soda, candy bars and usually whatever they see and can be eatable. What about the micronutrients, a stable muscle growth promoting insulin level and minimising health threatening fats such as trans fats that significantly increase the chance of heart disease and is r...