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Bathroom mirror pose of female bodybuilder

I mean it's like she's got man arms with man triceps and man biceps attached to her body, that's what it looks like when i see this bathroom mirror pose :D. This shemuscle that has a tribal tattoo on her arm and shoulder also has sculpted or carved muscles, a nice ripped back and as i said huge arms.It shows that this girl that took the pose photo in the bathroom mirror is indeed a female bodybuilder that rocks!

Tania Zamberlan shows abs and biceps

It looks like Tania Zamberlan has a lean, ripped, shredded body and her muscles are very well proportioned especially her abs as you can see from this shemuscle`s photo. Also Tania`s guns look a bit more powerful than your average Joe`s biceps. Even her necklines give Tania Zamberlan`s physique a statuesque look.

Sylvia Tremblay A Dreamy Shemuscle

She is in my opinion the hottest shemuscle i`ve ever seen :D. Sylvia Tremblay can make you go mad with that small purple bikini of hers but her aesthetics, proportions and build are sublime for a woman. Just take a look for yourself at her abs, thighs, biceps.. Isn`t she beautiful?

How to get big forearm muscles

If you`re reading this article i know that you really want to know how to get big forearm muscles so i guess that the best thing to do is to begin with the main idea. I`ll start with something that everybody knows; When it comes to training their arms, many individuals tend to focus on their triceps and especially on their biceps.It`s understandable but think about it!When you`re outside the probability of wearing a t-shirt or a short sleeve shirt is big thus meaning that the most visible part o...

Ben Affleck`s Workout and Diet Plan

Hmm did you see the new movie "The Town"? Well you should see it because it`s a really nice one with some good action in it :). Ben Affleck got some ripped muscles and a impressive physique when playing the role of a ex pro hockey player Doug "Dougie" MacRay, a longtime thief that tries to manage his feelings for a bank manager connected to one of his earlier heists... so the plot begins :D but nevermind the movie, let`s talk about Ben Affleck`s Workout and even a little bit about Ben`s Diet Pl...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cartoon, Muscles and Cigar

Look what i found, a funny sketch, cartoon or drawing (don`t know wich category is best) of Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing muscles and smoking a cigar in his one and only style. He has Terminator sunglasses and huge arms (mostly biceps). Steroids really helped him, good case of steroid usage isn`t it? :D

Sexy Biceps from Shemuscle Carrie

As the title says, Carrie the sexy shemuscle shows us her big guns.. huge biceps. Her biceps are bigger than most of the biceps we see on men with 1-2 years of bodybuilding :)

Toney Freeman 15 Minute Biceps Workout Routine

Hmm.. since you don`t have enough time to workout (because that`s why you`re reading this post) here on my blog i will put some quick-blast routines and tips from the pros so that you can do a great workout when you`re in a hurry. Toney Freeman travels a lot, so he runs into this situation often. When Toney`s staying at a hotel he usually focuses on doing quick and pumping workouts. Toney Freeman tryes to choose a hotel that has a fitness room and then, Toney adapts his workout to the equipme...

Ronnie Coleman Huge Biceps Workout Routine

Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman the Routine Man who entered a record 15 Mr. Olympia and won a record tying eight contests celebrates this year his third anniversary of his last Mr. Olympia appearance and the fifth anniversary of his last Mr. Olympia win. Ronnie Coleman has a lot of bodybuilding fans and those were many even for the simple fact that Ronnie has huge bulking biceps. Now i will show you what makes Ronnie Coleman`s biceps training unique and i will show you even a typical biceps workou...

Sensual Kiss Between Bodybuilders

Look at the photo.. it is surely going to be a sensual kiss between those muscle hulks wouldn`t it? Photo of the day :D, as you can see bodybuilders still have a personal and intimate life!That guy has hulking big arms huge shoulders enormous triceps and don`t forget about the biceps.