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Incredible shemuscle bikini body

If she`s not hot then you`re blind, i mean look at this shemuscle`s stunning body, hard rock abs and definition of her physique. And with that bikini outfit that reveals more and more of her muscles i can say that i`m proud to see women like her!

Megan Fox`s Bikini Abs on the Beach

Megan Fox shows off her awesome bikini body while soaking in the sun in Maui. Megan Fox was spotted on the beach with her shirtless boyfriend, actor Brian Austin Green. By the way Megan has a tattoo with his name, Brian. :D Megan Fox showed off her “six pack” abs in those bikini and that “Brian” tattoo. She really has a sick stomach! The Brian tattoo

How to Get a Bikini Ready Body!

Every summer you need to get fit don`t you? :) Well here is what you need to do `till then.-Don't drink fruit juices or juice-based products while "dieting".-Try to have a intake of 25 to 35 gm of fiber per day.-If you get hungry, eat a few ounces of protein to tide you over until your next meal.-Eat at least two servings of fish per week to get healthy fats.-Spice up your food with red pepper, which boosts metabolism.-Drizzle sugar-free syrup over cooked carrots for a sweet treat.-Drink green ...