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Amazing girl with muscles: Amy Updike

Everybody likes to see awesome girls with muscles at the gym but it's hard for girls to keep themselves motivated with their workout and diet. Anyway, Amy Updike seems to be one shredded girl who could compete in a lot of female fitness model contests and win :D. Amy is that hot blonde girl that comes at the gym and trains for 2 hours with minimal rest without giving a f$%k about all the guys who stare at her well sculpted glutes and legs :D.  Mrs. Updike has a ripped physique with rock hard mu...

Hoobastank – Out of control

Hoobastank - Out of control I just love these songs for workout and the amateur video from this song is awesome with some fight scenes from the movie never back down where you can see some talented street fighters with packed muscles that give them agility and pure force. By the way that hot blonde girl from the video and her yellow bikinis can be another reason or motivation for some guys to get some lean chiseled muscles :D.

Genie A Shemuscle with Big Biceps

Genie is a blonde girl that doesn`t have anything special... NOT! She`s a female bodybuilder as you can see in the photo and she`s got huge biceps! I think she could beat a man :|