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2012 Paralympics motivational video! There will be tears in your eyes!

First of all, the Paralympics 2012 sponsors had Samsung on board too, so they decided to make this extraordinary motivational video with Paralympics at its best! Yes, it's a branded content but think about your usual motivational video and then add the fact that this is a Paralympics video and Paralympics medals have a greater value, because those persons are more than simple disabled people.. They train hard and when they're tired, they train even more, until failure and it resembles to traini...

Funny Cyclist on Steroids

Now this really is a funny steroid user photo or picture cause it`s edited, nevertheless it still remains funny :D. Look at the cyclist's grimace, how the cyclist holds the bottle of steroids and how the steroid syringes are stuck in him, i think those needles hurt bad :|.. big muscles in that picture / photo anyway!