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A Big Breakfast for Big Muscle Gains

Breakfast is your post workout meal but also probably the most important meal of the day to promote muscle growth. After hours of fasting your body is primed to absorb and utilise far more nutrients than it is able to at other times from the meals in that day. Blood glucose levels are low, muscle glycogen and amino acid stores are low and your body will be in a state of dehydration, you are like a zombie. When you eat that breakfast, your body will release a hugely anabolic hormone called in...

What can you eat for Easter?

Easter is a good occasion to live moments of holy joy. Every year when Easter comes you have a table full of goodies: roast lamb, Easter eggs ( be carefull with the cholesterol), sponge cake etc. Those goodies are tasty but unhealthy too if you eat them in excess.Don`t fill your plate! If you want happy holidays don`t eat that much no matter how delicious and appetizing Easter foods are! Help your diet! Eat from each of the tasty foods but don`t be greedy.Eat small portions at least the first d...

Am I a Binge Eater?

What is Binge Eating? Binge eating is when a person has episodes of uncontrollable eating.During binge eating, a person rapidly consumes an excessive amount of food. People who have eating binges often feel ashamed about being fat or depressed about their overeating. Binge eating can be followed by compensatory behaviour as purging (induced vomiting or laxative abuse), fasting, and heavy exercising. Don`t worry.. binge eating can be a mislead term sometimes.