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Which one is hotter – Larissa Reis or Oksana Grishina?

Imagine yourself doing some arm exercises when suddenly, these two female bodybuilders appear: Oksana Grishina and Larissa Reis. Don't you think that those girls who are wearing only sexy leotards, will keep you motivated for the moment? Believe me, you'll train a lot more harder to get big muscles packed on your bodybuilder body and you'll do that just to impress those sexy girls; With such a bodybuilding motivation coming from Oksana Grishina and Larissa Reis, nobody can blame you! These sex...

Sleepyhead female bodybuilder in a sexy pose

Every bodybuilder gets tired  after intensive strength training and in this case, the only thing you can do to fuel your muscles with everything they need in order to grow, is to eat a healthy and nutritious meal. After taking care of the workout and diet part, you should do exactly the same thing that this sexy female bodybuilder does in the photo! Muscle gaining for a bodybuilder body is even more effective when you're sleeping because it triggers the human growth hormone, our natural st...

Ernestine Shepherd – 75 year old fitness instructor who’s inspiring women across USA

It's hard to get a bodybuilder body especially when you're a 75 year old woman but maybe with the help of one motivational video or even two, you'll get your old ass off the couch and start those intensive training sessions just like Ernestine Shepherd did. Ernestine does a great job in inspiring women across USA with the fact that she's a 75 year old female bodybuilder, but she wasn't into weightlifting all her life. At the age of 56 she did her first bench press but after years of hard wor...

Eva Andressa Viera – Hot pink shorts and a galaxy note white

Eva Andressa Vieira has a stunning female bodybuilder body and that's why she has to go at different photo shoots. Everybody likes a bodybuilder body and if it's about a female bodybuilder like Eva Andressa Vieira in a sexy pose with tight pink shorts, then the photo shoot becomes worthwhile! It seems that Eva didn't get enough photos for the day and she had to take a few more mirror self pics with her interesting big phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note white which takes 8 megapixel shots. The best ...

Denise Rodrigues in a short tank top and black boxers at the gym

Denise Rodrigues is besides a female bodybuilder, one sexy latina and she's got quite big muscle gaining results to show. Denise has a perfect body fat level and it's noticeable when you're looking at her tanned sculpted female bodybuilder legs, washboard abs and big guns, all of them being carefully shown in a sexy pose! I bet all the women in the world could look even better if they would start a workout and diet just like Denise Rodrigues did before she got those sexy glutes and beautifu...

Simone de Oliveira working out her huge shoulders

Shemuscle or not, Simone de Oliveira has some real big muscles as a true female bodybuilder that she is and you can see that from the typical bodybuilding photo of Simone working out her huge shoulders with man like intensity and why not.. she can arm wrestle each one of us and make us seem wimps :D. I wonder what's her max bench press because that's how we gym men compare our strength :).

Juliana Malacarne is a true shemuscle!

Shemuscle definition is a thing of the past! Check out the bulging muscles on Juliana Malacarne, an italian ifbb pro figure that was born in Brazil. Take a look at those mirror muscles, you can see the fact that Juliana really has a female bodybuilder physique with which she can brag about :D .

Heidi Vuorela showing biceps, shredded shoulders and abs

Looking at this female bodybuilder we can easily see the fact that all she knows is bodybuilding! Heidi Vuorela's blondness is an exotic combination with those ripped shoulders, bulging biceps, perfect abs and awesome thighs. Nice forearm tattoo and belly pierce too :D !

How do you find a boyfriend being a female bodybuilder

First of all, these days while browsing for some information i've came across an article on a gossip site where, a known female bodybuilder named Rene Campbell said that she can't find a boyfriend because of her bodybuilder physique and that is wrong!! Hopefully you're thinking: "How can i get a boyfriend being a female bodybuilder?" and not: "Yeah yeah just find me a boyfriend!" First of all let me ask you something: Are you a female bodybuilder that's sad because of the fact that you...

Lesley Rothera in pink with sexy shredded back and traps

Once a shemuscle, always a shemuscle! That is the case for Lesley Rothera a sexy female bodybuilder that has to show us a beautiful sculpted back, incredible sexy glutes in pink underwear and she also has some very imposing traps for a woman... Yesterday, Lesley made the guys from the gym drool only by squatting a little and pumping those hot glutes and thighs! Muscles rock!