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Buying clothes for a bodybuilder seems to be a hassle! At least Markus Ruhl has fun shopping

Being a bodybuilder can be a problem when you need to find clothes that fit you. Some people will tell you that muscle gaining is good but not in excess and it seems that for practical reasons, they're right :D . The hardest challenge for bodybuilders isn't the part with how to use steroids and steroid side effects! The tricky part is to know where to find clothes that don't hide your workout and diet results but clothes that have to be comfortable and easy to wear too! You can say bye bye t...

Bodybuilder body with hard abs – motivational photo

Well who doesn't want to get hard abs on his muscular frame resembling to a bodybuilder body? I'll tell you who, no one! You know those guys from the gym that tell you "things" about people who have a bodybuilder body, things like the fact that those with hard abs scare women away? How wrong they are... mostly of them are jealous on guys with a bodybuilder body because it's hard to get hard abs and you can just think about it while looking at this motivational photo... So they're jealous becaus...

How do you find a boyfriend being a female bodybuilder

First of all, these days while browsing for some information i've came across an article on a gossip site where, a known female bodybuilder named Rene Campbell said that she can't find a boyfriend because of her bodybuilder physique and that is wrong!! Hopefully you're thinking: "How can i get a boyfriend being a female bodybuilder?" and not: "Yeah yeah just find me a boyfriend!" First of all let me ask you something: Are you a female bodybuilder that's sad because of the fact that you...

Lesley Rothera in pink with sexy shredded back and traps

Once a shemuscle, always a shemuscle! That is the case for Lesley Rothera a sexy female bodybuilder that has to show us a beautiful sculpted back, incredible sexy glutes in pink underwear and she also has some very imposing traps for a woman... Yesterday, Lesley made the guys from the gym drool only by squatting a little and pumping those hot glutes and thighs! Muscles rock!

Maria Rita Penteado female bodybuilder goddess

She is a shemuscle goddess that loves bodybuilding.. Maria Rita Penteado's glutes and thighs make some of the guys from the gym go mad. Take a good look.. she has well rounded shoulders with shredded delts and man o man that ass is so sexy!!!