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Incredible shemuscle bikini body

If she`s not hot then you`re blind, i mean look at this shemuscle`s stunning body, hard rock abs and definition of her physique. And with that bikini outfit that reveals more and more of her muscles i can say that i`m proud to see women like her!

Hot romanian singer: Inna`s workout and diet plan

The new queen of music as french call her on the cover of FHM magazine, Inna`s real name is Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu and she`s not only a singer but a model too. Inna highlighted her grace, seductive eyes and stunning body (that she gained through a serious diet plan and lots of hard workouts in fitness gyms) in numerous hot and sexy pictorials. The beautiful singer attracts more and more international attention. Besides Inna`s music, another reason for which Inna is admired is her natural...

Jessica Alba`s Hot Body In a Sexy Black Dress

I so like Jessica Alba and with that hot and somehow cute, innocent body of hers you can`t disapprove. In the photo you can see for yourself Jessica Alba with her toned body wrapped in a gorgeous black dress, her shoes that put in contrast those feminine and sexy ankles and what do you want more? She`s a diva and a very hot celebrity according to many magazines! I really do want to be in her bodyguards place, Jessica seems so delicate. If you want to read about Jessica Alba`s Diet Plan and Worko...

Carole, her muscles and some garters

One shemuscle coming right up! She`s hot, with a great physique, vascular body, shredded muscles, ripped abs and black panties. Carole has one more ace up her sleeve: some black sexy garters and a pear of black high heeled shoes.

HaHzyRu Ms.Porsh & Vbl- Out of Here

HaHzyRu Ms.Porsh & Vbl- Out of Here Super hot rap song from HahzyRu, Ms. Porsh and Vbl for your workout from day to day. Enjoy!

Davana Medina Showing Gorgeous Body

As is written in the title, Davana Medina a hot sexy shemuscle with impressive physique is showing it to us.. the viewers from this all about muscles blog :D

G-Unit and 50 Cent- I Like The Way She Do It

G-Unit - I Like The Way She Do ItI found this workout song when i watched a video on youtube with stamina on the bar doing a thug workout and it`s so hot. 50 cent rulles and whatever... build some muscle on this track.Bonus! G-Unit, 50 Cent- I Like The Way She Do It lyrics!!!(Bridge) 50 Cent I Like the Way she do it I Like the Way she do it I Like the Way she do it I Like the Way she do it (Chorus) 50 Cent I Said I Like the Way she do it, She put her back into it Then she drop it low, ...

HotForWords and the Origin of the Word Muscle

I think a great majority of people know this sexy blonde "teacher" from youtube with the nickname HotForWords. Yeah.. after listening at what she said i found the subject interesting: Muscles!Or at least i tried to focus on what HotForWords with the real name Marina Orlova says there in that video because.. that blonde girl HotForWords has a big rack i mean huge breasts, tits whatever :) as you can see in the video from the post (she looks like a pornstar.. or at least like she did some softcore...

Shin Splints, Severe Muscle Pain

A friend of mine told me that, after running for a while his shins started to hurt pretty bad with a combination of tightness,ache and numbness all together. He even stopped running due to the shin hurting so bad. He asked me: Is there anything I can do to reduce the pain from those shin splints (stretching, massage, etc)? Will running with smaller steps decrease the shin splints from hurting this much? Well.. it depends on the severity of that "ouchhh my shin hurts!!", although you shou...

Hot and Sexy Shemuscle Photo

Just gaze upon that shemuscle photo.. see the lines.. the curves.. the muscles!! Hot and sexy girls these shemuscle arren`t they? The black & white photos are taken with top fitness women in their hotel room before competitions. Hmm, sexy word "shemuscle" :D