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Bodybuilding motivational video – train like Lazar Angelov for the perfect body

Need some bodybuilding motivation? Just take a look at what a workout and diet did to Lazar Angelov. Our bulgarian personal trainer has huge arm muscles, a bulging chest, awesome six pack abs, huge shoulders, big back muscles and traps like Tom Hardy in Warrior - His workout and diet rocks. And I really can't say nothing about Lazar Angelov's legs; It seems that his calves aren't so big but his thighs and hamstrings seem to be huge. Anyway, in order to get such a perfect body like Lazar Angelov...

Simone de Oliveira working out her huge shoulders

Shemuscle or not, Simone de Oliveira has some real big muscles as a true female bodybuilder that she is and you can see that from the typical bodybuilding photo of Simone working out her huge shoulders with man like intensity and why not.. she can arm wrestle each one of us and make us seem wimps :D. I wonder what's her max bench press because that's how we gym men compare our strength :).

Sensual Kiss Between Bodybuilders

Look at the photo.. it is surely going to be a sensual kiss between those muscle hulks wouldn`t it? Photo of the day :D, as you can see bodybuilders still have a personal and intimate life!That guy has hulking big arms huge shoulders enormous triceps and don`t forget about the biceps.