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Rumble Roller Vs. Foam Roller for relieving muscular pain in bodybuilders

A Rumble Roller or a Foam Roller is quite a good way to spend money as a bodybuilder because you can use one of these exercise rollers in a way that your muscles will thank you for the rest of your post workout massages. Why do i think that the only thought going through your weightlifter mind is something like: What's a Rumble Roller or a Foam Roller? Well they both have the same working principle but the Rumble Roller looks more like a torture device rather than a muscle pain reliever. So ...

Italy`s shemuscle: Cristiana Casoni

This italian female bodybuilder weighs 136 pounds and most of those pounds are pure muscles! Check out her ripped abs, ripped shoulders and bulking calves. Cristiana Casoni is hot :D