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3 Super K1 Wallpapers

These new fighting styles like those used in MMA or K1 replaced boxing a long time ago. The new and improved, more tougher, more buffed with pumped muscles fighters are just fierce and nothing gets in their path. Here are 3 wallpapers from k1 matches, including one that has female k1 fighters:

Street Fight Game Online With Obama And Hillary

Hi everybody, if you always wanted to beat Hillary or Obama.. now is you chance in a online street fight game! Play this online game and have fun, street fight till someone dies :D, boxing, mma, k1 rules don`t apply here in the online street fight game to the death.. Ready? FIGHT!Online Street Fight Game With Obama and Hillary

Ups `n Downs in Bodybuilding Part 2

After 5-6 more months of training i`ve started putting some muscles and i met a girl. We started talking and we hooked up.I don`t know how i let her do it, but she made me forget about my dream of bodybuilding and she was rather jealous and that fact made me lose many opportunities. With the time passing by i`ve noticed that i`ve been skipping meals because i stood with her everyday and didn`t have the time to eat. That little factor made me lose about 50% of what i`ve achieved in the gym, so mo...

Fat Soluble Vitamins

Fat soluble vitaminsVitamin A (retinol and beta-carotene)Vitamin A and carotene can be obtained from either animal or vegetable sources. The animal form is divided between retinol and dehydroretinol whereas the vegetable carotene can be split into four very potent groups - alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, gamma-carotene and crypto-carotene. With enough beta-carotene available in the body, the body can manufacture its own vitamin A.Vitamin A is required for night vision, and for a healthy skin. It ...