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3 Super K1 Wallpapers

These new fighting styles like those used in MMA or K1 replaced boxing a long time ago. The new and improved, more tougher, more buffed with pumped muscles fighters are just fierce and nothing gets in their path. Here are 3 wallpapers from k1 matches, including one that has female k1 fighters:

Fierce MMA Fighters With Lean Muscle Fiber

Mma strength training is one of the best natural ways that help people meet their weight loss goals, gain strength and become more fierce and more powerful from the core. Wanna see some photos with fierce mma fighters that really do have lean muscle fiber? Well if the answer is no i`m still showing you those photos with mma fighters :D It seems that from the photos, mma fighters have muscles that are about to pop out through the skin! :D

Street Fight Game Online With Obama And Hillary

Hi everybody, if you always wanted to beat Hillary or Obama.. now is you chance in a online street fight game! Play this online game and have fun, street fight till someone dies :D, boxing, mma, k1 rules don`t apply here in the online street fight game to the death.. Ready? FIGHT!Online Street Fight Game With Obama and Hillary

Kimbo Slice, Good Streetfighter, Bad MMA Fighter

Going from a streetfighter that was into the spotlight with YouTube clips to fighting with the top mixed martial arts organization in the world did not happen overnight for Kimbo Slice and his muscles. Kevin Ferguson (Kimbo Slice) spent a few years climbing the ladder in fly-by-night promotions such as EliteXC before getting a chance to go from a cage to the Octagon.Although the heavyweight muscle Kimbo Slice does have a big name in the mainstream media and is a fan magnet with huge muscles a...

Youngbloodz – I’mma Shine

Youngbloodz - I'mma Shine