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Funny Cyclist on Steroids

Now this really is a funny steroid user photo or picture cause it`s edited, nevertheless it still remains funny :D. Look at the cyclist's grimace, how the cyclist holds the bottle of steroids and how the steroid syringes are stuck in him, i think those needles hurt bad :|.. big muscles in that picture / photo anyway!

Jargon Used In Bodybuilding

Steroids: 1.Cycle: A period of steroid use often 8 or more weeks in length, followed by a similar period of disuse. 2.Pyramiding: This is when users build up to their heaviest dose on a cycle. Though prevalent in the early days of steroid use, this method was found unnecessary and is virtually no longer practiced. 3.Stacking: The process of combining drugs, or using more than one drug within a cycle. 4.Tapering: This is the opposite of Pyramiding. Users begin with their highest dose and ...