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Andreia Brazier wearing a tiara and sexy lingerie that are fit for a princess!

The sexy part of muscle gaining was shown by Andreia Brazier, the queen of fitness, in that interesting photo shoot! She's a great female fitness model and every girl should take gym classes from Andreia Brazier because she also learned a lot of useful gym related stuff from her personal trainer ohh and also her husband, Tom Brazier. While Andreia Brazier wears that tiara fit for a princess and sexy lingerie made out of swarovski crystals, she's also in a sexy pose which reveals her ...

Bodybuilding police officers! To serve and protect photo gallery

I have the utmost respect for police officers because they work day and night regardless to any holidays and sometimes on an average salary just to keep citizens safe. That's why, if they're bodybuilders, then you must know that a bodybuilding shape is hard to maintain and it takes time and lots of food but it seems that these muscle cops from our today's photos have both or maybe they're genetically gifted. Can a police officer also be a bodybuilder? Well yes, to be a muscle cop is hard bu...

Fathers of modern bodybuilding:Baptiste, Park, Ross, Theriault, McCune

In this photo you can see the fathers of modern bodybuilding.. Walt Baptiste, Reg Park, Clancy Ross, Ed Theriault and Bob McCune- bodybuilders all dressed up in suits, sitting and laughing. Can't you just feel the way they're emanating a inner wildness and craziness typical for a bodybuilder? In his last years of life, Clancy Ross said that life is so much more worth living when a person is strong and healthy. After knowing the benefits, Clancy said that he would make every possible effort to s...

Ana Usategui’s awesome shemuscle abs!

Ana Usategui is a shemuscle too and by the looks of this photo of her i can surely say that she has abs like bricks. Besides those well sculpted and shredded shoulders, bulking biceps and triceps Ana Usategui shows us some imposing female bodybuilder breasts or generic named boobs or tits :D but man oh man what's the deal with that awesome pack of abs, six pack or abdominal muscles? I'm really astounded with Ana Usategui's abs!

Nora Sivertsen’s sexy body captured with iphone 4

Check out Nora Sivertsen's shemuscle photo taken in front of the mirror with her white iPhone 4.. She's got the body of a female bodybuilder that she is but Nora Sivertsen has also got the grace and beauty of a hot woman and that super sexy tattoo starting from her right buttock going up her hip and on her ribs makes her be even more desirable even though she was hot from the start with her shredded physique and chiseled muscles. What's there else more to say about Nora Sivertsen and her stu...

Franco Columbu hanging upside down near Arnold

Franco Columbu despite his height was a terrific bodybuilder at his time. Franco is friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom he met in Munich in 1965. He also competed in several international level bodybuilding competitions against Arnold Schwarzenegger but in a smaller category. Look at the photo of Arnold and Franco traction bar, two hot women with our bodybuilding idols, some ripped muscles in one side, some pure muscle mass in the other, Arnold laughing at Franco's hanging upside down...

Tania Zamberlan shows abs and biceps

It looks like Tania Zamberlan has a lean, ripped, shredded body and her muscles are very well proportioned especially her abs as you can see from this shemuscle`s photo. Also Tania`s guns look a bit more powerful than your average Joe`s biceps. Even her necklines give Tania Zamberlan`s physique a statuesque look.

Monstrous, freaky, abnormal and huge arm photo!

Check out this photo of a monstrous, freaky, abnormal and huge arm that i`ve stumbled upon while lurking on the internet for fresh stuff on this muscle blog.We can see those veins pumping resembling to pipelines that are filled with gas and for those muscles i guess you really need some SUPER FUEL, anyway take a look at the photo/pic or whatever! Steroids are generally used for creating abnormal huge muscles but what the hell are those? :D

Genie A Shemuscle with Big Biceps

Genie is a blonde girl that doesn`t have anything special... NOT! She`s a female bodybuilder as you can see in the photo and she`s got huge biceps! I think she could beat a man :|

Kai L. Greene Pose Photo Gallery

Kai Greene describes his childhood as troubled. Did you know that at age six, Kai became a ward of the state? Or that he was moved through different foster homes for most of his adolescent life?Kai Greene started this bodybuilder life only because his seventh grade English teacher encouraged him.Kai L. Greene Pose Photo Gallery