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Cristina Vujnich’s ripped body as a fitness figure

As a shemuscle she's astonishing and Cristina's abs look hard as a rock but let's focus on those ripped veins popping out of the muscles that give you a feeling of a healthy sexy fitness figure that's hot in the bedroom too. Cristina Vujnich is like a little workout beast from the gym but a female version of it :D !

Sexy Female Abs Photo Gallery

Today`s post will have some sexy muscle female with superb abs in a small photo gallery and i hope you will like them. Veins are popping out of the skin, the tight pressured skin against those abs.. yeah some sexy female abs indeed!  So enjoy viewing these photos of sexy hard rock abs..Sexy Female Abs Photo Gallery

Kimbo Slice, Good Streetfighter, Bad MMA Fighter

Going from a streetfighter that was into the spotlight with YouTube clips to fighting with the top mixed martial arts organization in the world did not happen overnight for Kimbo Slice and his muscles. Kevin Ferguson (Kimbo Slice) spent a few years climbing the ladder in fly-by-night promotions such as EliteXC before getting a chance to go from a cage to the Octagon.Although the heavyweight muscle Kimbo Slice does have a big name in the mainstream media and is a fan magnet with huge muscles a...

Jay Cutler Guest Posing at 2010 Npc Orange County

Off Season Jay Cutler (see pics) went to the 2010 Npc Orange County for guest posing his muscles and he was big, imposing and very well defined even if he was in off season.. I don`t have words to describe him :), Jay Cutler is just huge and impressive. After the off season pose at the 2010 Npc Orange County, Jay Cutler said that he will win the 4th Sandow trophy, so i guess we should wish Jay a warm good luck with his bodybuilding career, and build bigger muscles! If you don`t think that ...

Beer, Muscle and Bodybuilding

Let`s talk about beer and the damages of it on muscles in bodybuilding. First of all, if you occasionally drink a beer, don`t worry it won`t affect your dreams to get buffed up with big hard rock muscles! Still you know Arnold Schwarzenegger`s line about drinking soda? That line can also apply in the case of beer (alcohol) or even steroids and junk food and it is: "Why take something the body doesn’t need right now?" Although beers are among the best alcoholic beverage choices in bodybu...

Kevin Rudolf – Let It Rock ft. Lil Wayne

Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock ft. Lil Wayne

Nick Jonas Has Muscles

The Jonas Brothers were skinny in the past, but now their muscles ripp the t-shirts off them :D.. if Joe Jonas goes to the gym and has a great workout then all the Jonas family does that including Nick Jonas and they have quite some guns to expose (i mean muscles) :). Jumping, running, being chased, you have to be pretty fit to do those things but on the stage the Jonas Brothers give their best to make the crowd be enthusiastic. The Jonas Brothers are always on the road and that is physic...

Steroid Jokes

After taking a steroids test, doctors informed Chuck Norris that he had tested positive. He laughed upon receiving this information, and said "of course my urine tested positive, what do you think they make steroids from?"I know the steroid issue is tiresome, but I remember seeing an article a while ago about 14 high school students who were suspended for steroid use prior to their homecoming game. I still don't know how the team was able to play without their marching band.A report surfaced ...