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Paloma Aragao – muscular woman turned into a sculpture!

Paloma Aragao has some pretty big muscles and i guess that the "chiseled abs" saying was created after somebody has seen this interesting photo of our female bodybuilder. What's so special in this interesting and also sexy pose of Paloma? Well she has her very own sculptor who works on her perfect body with rock hard muscles; He transformed her into a walking sculpture with his hammer and chisel :D. Take a look at Paloma's body; Isn't it perfect? These are the real results which come from ...

Leg workout for women who want Rebecca Sanders’ sexy legs

Building muscle with the help of a bodybuilder diet and through weight training, is really easy and Rebecca Sanders does a great job in showing us the proof for my previous statement! You must remember that YOU the normal girl, can get to look like our female bodybuilder Rebecca, but only if you keep a proper workout and diet; Even if you do that, it will still take time to see such results because Rebecca Sanders already trains like a pro with hardcore squats and deadlifts. If you're a girl...

Shemuscle Minna Pajulahti in a sexy short skirt

Minna Pajulahti is a sexy shemuscle that really has some great sculpted muscles, i mean she's got rocks instead of shoulders :) and Minna Pajulahti's abs look like someone carved them, she's like a sculpture. What could you want to see more except those sexy thighs of her with a sexy short skirt and alluring high heels on that perfect female bodybuilder body.