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Bianca La Russa’s cheerleading injury with bad luck

Tony La Russa's daughter is super hot and sexy and you know her from the cheerleading Raiderettes, yeap the Oakland Raiders Raiderettes to be more precise and her name is Bianca La Russa. When you think of a cheerleader with a stunning body like Bianca La Russa you usually don't think about the hard work that cheerleaders have to put up with in order to get that extra mobility, agility, energy and those all important muscles packed on their female frame without getting injured. Through hard wo...

Alice Matos’s sexy fitness physique

Look at Alice's proportionality, it's quite perfect because she's not huge like other female bodybuilders but she's got a ripped appearance and that lean muscle mass fits her very well. Sexy or not, Alice Matos is a real shemuscle with bulking thighs, ripped abs and good looks! Don't you just love that V shaped abs pose?

Anne Marie Lasserre in pink panties

Anne Marie Lasserre is sexy, powerful and also innocent. As a shemuscle Anne is quite perfect but she might want to try matching her shoulders with her triceps.Anne Marie Lasserre our blonde female bodybuilder is matching though her blonde hair colour and muscles with those sexy pink panties and pink top that makes you want to tear it off her!

Katherine Heigl`s Workout and Diet Plan

Katherine Heigl played in movies like "The ugly truth" or "Life as we know it" and she did a damn good job with her acting. Katherine is cute, sexy and ravishing but if you want to be like her you really got to go through her intensive workout and diet plan or else.. you will not get that hot! :D One thing that you should really know about Katherine Heigl is that she hated working out (so if you hate it too, there`s one big resemblance between you and her). After meeting the Hollywood trainer...

Shemuscle of the day, Kristal!

Kristal has a impressive lean physique with perfect curves of the body, tiny waist and defined arms. Kristal can really get bigger and have a strong muscle body like a real sexy shemuscle!

Davana Medina Showing Gorgeous Body

As is written in the title, Davana Medina a hot sexy shemuscle with impressive physique is showing it to us.. the viewers from this all about muscles blog :D

Flavia Crisos A Sexy Blonde Shemuscle

This girl makes me wanna scream :D. Flavia Crisos has it all.. the shoulders, the triceps biceps and those thighs uhhh Flavia Crisos is one hell of a sexy blonde shemuscle from the bodybuilding and fitness stages, contests.

Sexy Female Abs Photo Gallery

Today`s post will have some sexy muscle female with superb abs in a small photo gallery and i hope you will like them. Veins are popping out of the skin, the tight pressured skin against those abs.. yeah some sexy female abs indeed!  So enjoy viewing these photos of sexy hard rock abs..Sexy Female Abs Photo Gallery

HotForWords and the Origin of the Word Muscle

I think a great majority of people know this sexy blonde "teacher" from youtube with the nickname HotForWords. Yeah.. after listening at what she said i found the subject interesting: Muscles!Or at least i tried to focus on what HotForWords with the real name Marina Orlova says there in that video because.. that blonde girl HotForWords has a big rack i mean huge breasts, tits whatever :) as you can see in the video from the post (she looks like a pornstar.. or at least like she did some softcore...

Hot and Sexy Shemuscle Photo

Just gaze upon that shemuscle photo.. see the lines.. the curves.. the muscles!! Hot and sexy girls these shemuscle arren`t they? The black & white photos are taken with top fitness women in their hotel room before competitions. Hmm, sexy word "shemuscle" :D