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Eva Andressa Vieira posing her luscious body

Eva Andressa Vieira is quite a shemuscle with a beautiful face.. looking at that stunning physique of hers with stone hard muscles especially her legs where Eva seemed to have worked out a lot, you can agree with me about her raw sexiness. Does she really need those hot sexy black bikinis?

Cristina Vujnich’s ripped body as a fitness figure

As a shemuscle she's astonishing and Cristina's abs look hard as a rock but let's focus on those ripped veins popping out of the muscles that give you a feeling of a healthy sexy fitness figure that's hot in the bedroom too. Cristina Vujnich is like a little workout beast from the gym but a female version of it :D !

Lesley Rothera in pink with sexy shredded back and traps

Once a shemuscle, always a shemuscle! That is the case for Lesley Rothera a sexy female bodybuilder that has to show us a beautiful sculpted back, incredible sexy glutes in pink underwear and she also has some very imposing traps for a woman... Yesterday, Lesley made the guys from the gym drool only by squatting a little and pumping those hot glutes and thighs! Muscles rock!

Jamie Taylor in jeans shorts showing her sexy hamstrings

This hot shemuscle was caught on camera while she was warming up near the dumbbell rack dressed in some jeans shorts and a small white tank top. Those shrunken clothes were on purpose on Jamie Taylor so that we can easily see her sexy hamstrings and calves flexing and teasing us :D .

Ana Usategui’s awesome shemuscle abs!

Ana Usategui is a shemuscle too and by the looks of this photo of her i can surely say that she has abs like bricks. Besides those well sculpted and shredded shoulders, bulking biceps and triceps Ana Usategui shows us some imposing female bodybuilder breasts or generic named boobs or tits :D but man oh man what's the deal with that awesome pack of abs, six pack or abdominal muscles? I'm really astounded with Ana Usategui's abs!

Nora Sivertsen’s sexy body captured with iphone 4

Check out Nora Sivertsen's shemuscle photo taken in front of the mirror with her white iPhone 4.. She's got the body of a female bodybuilder that she is but Nora Sivertsen has also got the grace and beauty of a hot woman and that super sexy tattoo starting from her right buttock going up her hip and on her ribs makes her be even more desirable even though she was hot from the start with her shredded physique and chiseled muscles. What's there else more to say about Nora Sivertsen and her stu...

Female bodybuilder squats more than a man

Check out this shemuscle, can you beat her squats? This female bodybuilder has hamstrings of iron and thighs of carbon fiber :D .. she can easily overtake a medium bodybuilder at squats, what the heck, muscles rull and you can see the sheer brute force that you can get from well built muscles even without steroids like in this photo of the female bodybuilder that squats more than a man.

Jessie Hilgenberg hot bodybuilder in tank top

Jessie Hilgenberg is another sexy shemuscle, a female bodybuilder that has biceps with giant veins running throughout. Jessie's striations from her shoulder muscles are nearly symmetrical with her ripped abs and, in combination with that hot black tank top she's astonishing. Jessie Hilgenberg surely has some strength lying around there judging from her huge triceps and don't you just think that her haircut is just perfect for her physique? Female bodybuilder haircut with a splash of blonde, a...

Alice Matos’s sexy fitness physique

Look at Alice's proportionality, it's quite perfect because she's not huge like other female bodybuilders but she's got a ripped appearance and that lean muscle mass fits her very well. Sexy or not, Alice Matos is a real shemuscle with bulking thighs, ripped abs and good looks! Don't you just love that V shaped abs pose?

Bathroom mirror pose of female bodybuilder

I mean it's like she's got man arms with man triceps and man biceps attached to her body, that's what it looks like when i see this bathroom mirror pose :D. This shemuscle that has a tribal tattoo on her arm and shoulder also has sculpted or carved muscles, a nice ripped back and as i said huge arms.It shows that this girl that took the pose photo in the bathroom mirror is indeed a female bodybuilder that rocks!