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The Game – Dope Boys ft. Travis Barker

The Game - Dope Boys ft. Travis BarkerIf this isn`t a workout, pumping, head spinning, muscle building song then i`m Santa Claus ! Travis Barker really does some sick beats, enjoy listening!

Megan Fox`s Bikini Abs on the Beach

Megan Fox shows off her awesome bikini body while soaking in the sun in Maui. Megan Fox was spotted on the beach with her shirtless boyfriend, actor Brian Austin Green. By the way Megan has a tattoo with his name, Brian. :D Megan Fox showed off her “six pack” abs in those bikini and that “Brian” tattoo. She really has a sick stomach! The Brian tattoo

Insomnia can Trigger Diabetes

Do you often have insomnia or sleep less than 6 hours per night? You risk on getting sick of diabetes or you know the worsest effect.. you risk muscle mass loss!According to scientists from Holland the body needs at least 6 hours of sleep a night to absorb the sugar in blood, sugar that is accumulated during the day thus preventing diabetes. Sleeping 6 hours a night also regulates your blood sugar level but for gaining muscle mass you need at least 8-10 hours of good sleep so do something with y...

Thug Workout-Fitness the movie!

Does anybody know how to grow without spending a lot of money at the gym? I`m sick and tired of people making a site, or blog just to sell supplements, to make you believe that they are giving away precious information for free and after a big bla bla to see something like: "I give this e-book for free..." " but you have to pay only 10 dollars " it is so lame.. so follow this workout carefully and you will surely get some lean muscle mass! Part 1 Bodybuilding - Thug Workout-Fitness 1/3 ....