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Merry Christmas bodybuilder friends!

May bodybuilder Santa Claus bring you lots of gifts such as: 11 lbs of muscle mass lots of steroids like testosterone, dianabol, HGH, oral turinabol, equipoise, sustanon, trenbolone enanthate and much more some good old six pack abs plenty of healthy food for sustaining those 11 lbs of muscle mass ohh and a staggering 44 lbs added to your bench press I wish you the best of luck and happiness!

Ana Usategui’s awesome shemuscle abs!

Ana Usategui is a shemuscle too and by the looks of this photo of her i can surely say that she has abs like bricks. Besides those well sculpted and shredded shoulders, bulking biceps and triceps Ana Usategui shows us some imposing female bodybuilder breasts or generic named boobs or tits :D but man oh man what's the deal with that awesome pack of abs, six pack or abdominal muscles? I'm really astounded with Ana Usategui's abs!

Perfect Bodybuilder Drawing

This perfect bodybuilder drawing, sketch or even cartoon has emphasized on the look of big, ripped, vascular bodybuilders with huge muscles. That hulky chest, the trapezius, the six pack abs with those big arms, delts or shoulders draw your attention instantly! Wipe that smug off your face bodybuilder!

Megan Fox`s Bikini Abs on the Beach

Megan Fox shows off her awesome bikini body while soaking in the sun in Maui. Megan Fox was spotted on the beach with her shirtless boyfriend, actor Brian Austin Green. By the way Megan has a tattoo with his name, Brian. :D Megan Fox showed off her “six pack” abs in those bikini and that “Brian” tattoo. She really has a sick stomach! The Brian tattoo

Thomas Jane Muscles on Men’s Fitness Cover

Thomas Jane is known for his movie "The Punisher" where he had a nice pack of muscles but the 41-year-old man knew too well the risks guys like Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man), and Ben Affleck (Daredevil) took when they slipped on the leather and spandex showing their body and because he had those big muscles he managed to look like the hulking caucasian character from "The Punisher" and recently, Thomas Jane got on the cover of "Men`s Fitness" magazine (see photos/pics) :D ...