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Foo Fighters – Good Grief

Foo Fighters - Good Grief I hope this isn't the case for you to hate this awesome song from the workout music category because Foo Fighters have fans all around the world but it's too bad that i don't hear their music in the gym where i go to get a bodybuilder body. Sometimes i do get tired of a gym routine but some good songs for workout always help me, just like this one from Foo Fighters does. If your muscle gaining journey doesn't go as planned and if you are just hating everything, list...

Seether – Remedy

Seether - Remedy As usual you probably want that workout song already and here it is! Don't forget that steroids are bad but also good in the hands of someone that can do something astonishing with them.

Calvin Harris – You Used To Hold Me

Calvin Harris - You Used To Hold Me Hmm, you can try another approach with the workout songs, take a break from rock for a while. This song is from Calvin Harris and it's quite a workout enhancer, i've tried it for myself. Muscles seem to love working out on this song "you used to hold me".

Skillet – Hero

Skillet - Hero (Video) This really is a super workout song on which you can feel your blood rushing through your veins and pumping your muscles. Who's gonna fight for what's right, who's gonna help us survive, a hero is gonna save me just in time!!! :D

Pre-Fight Hype:It’s Goin’ Down

Pre-Fight Hype: It's Goin' Down Songs for workout for those who like goin' down ! I think that you will enjoy this energy pumping workout song in your ipods earphones while doing some back exercises to become a beast with muscles!

12 Stones – Far Away

12 Stones - Far Away I was thinking that you would like to hear one of my new songs for workout and here it is, 12 stones far away so the only thing you have to do remains to get far away with your workout and muscles.

Limp Bizkit – Eat You Alive

As Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit says: You're gonna love this, play it! Well what are you waiting for, do you need a special something to play this workout music? Well i guess not, so just pump your muscles in the gym with it but don't eat anyone alive :D !

Foo Fighters – My Hero

Foo Fighters - My Hero Do you have a bodybuilder hero that you admire? Well listening to this workout song everyone can imagine their hero. There goes my hero watch him as he goes.. Whom do you think of? Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu or Dorian Yates? It doesn't matter if you work out during this workout song!

Blur – Song 2

Blur - Song 2 Yeah here is one of the classic songs for workout. Get in a good mood in the gym. Start growing those muscles listening to Blur Song 2!!!

OutKast – Hey Ya!

OutKast - Hey Ya! Did you think that i will forget to post a workout song on this blog?? Well i`ll never forget that because we really need music when working out. Happy muscle building!