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Prevent Lower Back Pain With These Tips

Bodybuilding is hard where you can experience a lot of pain and if you want to get good proportions you have to exercise every muscle in your body including the back muscles. But if you are not careful with the back exercises you can injure yourself and back pain affects about 7 out of 10 people. Here are some tips to prevent lower back pain:prevent back pain exercising regularly keep your back and abdominal muscles strong always stretch before any strenuous physical activity to prevent b...

Hot Massage for Muscle Relaxation

Hot massage can be done with the help of stones and special oils. Stone masage fights against headaches, muscle cramps, articulation, rheumatic and spine pain. Hot masages are effiecient for people that suffer from arthritis or arthrosis and they can reduce anxiety, depression but in a bodybuilders case.. a hot massage can make him feel brand new and full of energy. So, hot massages relaxes the muscles and increases the efficiency of a bodybuilders movement!

Robert Downey Jr.’s Workout

If you`ve seen the movie "Iron man" you surely saw Robert Downey Jr. in his best shape.. and now i will reveal you his secret !(this picture of him is from the new movie Sherlock Holmes) :D Robert, hired as his personal trainer for 175 $ per session Brad Bose. He has experience in wrestling, sword work, and also has a doctorate in physiology, and is part life coach. Robert Downey Jr.'s Workout Robert Downey trained five days a week. His workout included weightlifting, intensive martial arts t...