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Muscle Turns To Fat Myth From Gyms

"Bodybuilding is bad for you what do you realize when working out? If you stop working out the muscle turns into fat!" This statement is ridiculous just like saying to a professional race car driver that the engine from his car will attack him :| or whatever, you understand the analogy i hope :). There is no biological pathway for muscle to "turn into fat" but like all myths, this one has a grain of truth. if you stop working out you lose strength and muscle mass, and that`s a fact. exercise...

Funny Cyclist on Steroids

Now this really is a funny steroid user photo or picture cause it`s edited, nevertheless it still remains funny :D. Look at the cyclist's grimace, how the cyclist holds the bottle of steroids and how the steroid syringes are stuck in him, i think those needles hurt bad :|.. big muscles in that picture / photo anyway!