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Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth

Gang Starr are other masters of rap music who made great songs for workout and the "moment of truth" is one of them too! Great tunes will always motivate you along your journey to get big muscles or to overcome a lot of other obstacles. The lyrics from Gang Starr's great workout song are quite good for the bodybuilding scene: They say it's lonely at the top, in whatever you do You always gotta watch motherf%^kers around you Nobody's invincible, no plan is foolproof We all must meet our mo...

Testosterone thieves affect muscle gains! Top 4 testosterone inhibitors you should worry about

Everybody wants big muscles! Big muscles create the perfect environment for a great sexual life, health and success in bodybuilding development but for that you need one of the main blocks for building muscle and that's testosterone! Why do you think bodybuilders use steroids to improve their weight lifting routines? And why does every steroid is a synthesized form of testosterone? BECAUSE IT'S THE MAIN MUSCLE GROWTH HORMONE! If you want to keep the testosterone levels high, you really have ...

Young Jeezy – Stop Playin With Me

Young Jeezy - Stop Playin With Me Gangsta songs for workout increase testosterone levels too so what'ya waitin' for? Hit the gym with a fierce desire for building huge muscles and that's the first step for success in bodybuilding!