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Get big like Daniel Craig! 007 Skyfall workout and diet for big muscles

Daniel Craig is an outstanding actor and i personally think that he reflects perfectly the image of how today's James Bond should look like in those Bond movies like Skyfall; A James Bond who's more credible, a man with a semi bodybuilder body resulted from a James Bond workout and diet, a British Secret Service agent who drives a very expensive car like Aston Martin but a car that's not filled with gizmos. Daniel Craig is a muscular model in the role of James Bond and he did it with the help...

Exercise for children is possible with the new gym for kids: The Little Gym

I don't know if it's a for profit gym and i also don't know if gym membership prices for kids are small or big but i do know something, exercise for children is now even more possible than in the past . For example check out this old article about at what age should children start weight training: What Age Of Children Is Good For Weight Training In Gyms? There, i was saying that exercise for children should be done as push-ups, sit-ups, free weights and similar exercises to improve their ph...

Ekaterina Gamagina in sexy red nightgown with lace

Ekaterina Gamagina impresses us as a fitness figure with her stunning body and what a body!! That short red lace nightgown allows us to see a huge part of those sexy legs with ripped thighs and awesome calves. All these combined with Ekaterina's delts, shoulders, biceps, triceps, beautiful shemuscle skin and a lovely pair of high heels make her a very hot female bodybuilder of which some of the gym guys dream about!

Ana Usategui’s awesome shemuscle abs!

Ana Usategui is a shemuscle too and by the looks of this photo of her i can surely say that she has abs like bricks. Besides those well sculpted and shredded shoulders, bulking biceps and triceps Ana Usategui shows us some imposing female bodybuilder breasts or generic named boobs or tits :D but man oh man what's the deal with that awesome pack of abs, six pack or abdominal muscles? I'm really astounded with Ana Usategui's abs!

Matt Schulze’s workout and diet plan

Matt Schulze is a medium actor but he's got talent and the bad guy roles really suit him like a glove. Matt played in movies like the Fast and Furious franchise and others like Torque, Blade or Transporter.. Along the road Matt Schulze needed some lean muscles so he went to the gym where he had intense workouts to put on almost 70 pounds of muscle through the years ooh and of course a diet plan was needed too. Matt Schulze's Workout for shredded muscles in bad guy roles It seems that Matt Sch...

Marie Silmäri, sexy shemuscle on a dumbbell rack

Bodybuilding would of been so dull without female bodybuilders like Marie Silmäri.. When you work out it's nice to see a hot sexy shemuscle like Marie sitting on a dumbbell rack looking at you with a flirtatious glance :D. It will surely give you a boost of confidence and a shot of adrenaline to continue pumping those muscles in a hardcore workout! Oh and just look at her shredded back, shoulders and triceps.. don’t you just love bulging muscles?

Jessie Hilgenberg hot bodybuilder in tank top

Jessie Hilgenberg is another sexy shemuscle, a female bodybuilder that has biceps with giant veins running throughout. Jessie's striations from her shoulder muscles are nearly symmetrical with her ripped abs and, in combination with that hot black tank top she's astonishing. Jessie Hilgenberg surely has some strength lying around there judging from her huge triceps and don't you just think that her haircut is just perfect for her physique? Female bodybuilder haircut with a splash of blonde, a...

Dwayne Johnson’s Workout and Diet Plan is Rock’in

I guess that Dwayne got very lucky with his career but a lot of Dwayne Johnson's luck is related to his incredible body resulted from hard workouts and shredding diet plans because let's be honest here, Hollywood is always searching for pumped guys with brawn not brains and as i said, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is full of muscles as you can clearly see from the new movie Fast Five. Let's spice things up: Dwayne Johnson The Rock before and after transformation photos - He used STEROIDS! You can ...

Dr. Dre – I Need A Doctor ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey

Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey Put it in high quality 720p and listen to it it's worth it! With this workout song Dr. Dre is showing us that he's still got his talent in rap besides that crazy body with huge muscles!After the car crash with that Ferrari he struggles to get better with his friend's help, Eminem. Once Dr. Dre gets up on his feet nothing can stop him .. near the end of this workout song you can see Dr. Dre working out his triceps, his chest, doing some pullups...

Bathroom mirror pose of female bodybuilder

I mean it's like she's got man arms with man triceps and man biceps attached to her body, that's what it looks like when i see this bathroom mirror pose :D. This shemuscle that has a tribal tattoo on her arm and shoulder also has sculpted or carved muscles, a nice ripped back and as i said huge arms.It shows that this girl that took the pose photo in the bathroom mirror is indeed a female bodybuilder that rocks!