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Sucker Punch: sexy dolls, workouts and training

Emily Browning or Baby Doll as you know her from the new movie Sucker Punch is a young girl that gets institutionalized by her abusive stepfather after killing her younger sister by mistake. After conceiving a plan and strategy in her imagination through an alternative reality, Emily Browning or Baby Doll together with Abbie Cornish as Sweet Pea, Jena Malone as Rocket, Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie and Jamie Chung as Amber try to escape from the mental facility beating anyone that stood in their w...

OutKast – Hey Ya!

OutKast - Hey Ya! Did you think that i will forget to post a workout song on this blog?? Well i`ll never forget that because we really need music when working out. Happy muscle building!

Joe Budden ft. Coke – Stuntin

Joe Budden ft. Coke - StuntinOne gym workout song for a rhythmic workout that makes your muscles rip your favorite t-shirt.

Romania`s miracle quads owner Alina Popa

This is a all about muscle blog so let`s talk about muscles. For today let me start with a foreign female bodybuilder named Alina Popa, a 168 cm tall romanian girl. Alina Popa had endless energy resources when she was young and she loved sports thus the start of her muscle growth. Alina began with some track running when she was 12 years old. She didn’t do competitions in track and field but in her summer holidays Alina Popa used to train 2 times a day, about 3 hours each time. She loved to spr...

Lit – My Own Worst Enemy

Lit - My Own Worst Enemy Can we forget about the things i said when i was drunk? I didn`t mean to call you that! :D Well i hope that your workouts are not your worst enemies :). Happy muscle growing with this workout song!

How to get big forearm muscles

If you`re reading this article i know that you really want to know how to get big forearm muscles so i guess that the best thing to do is to begin with the main idea. I`ll start with something that everybody knows; When it comes to training their arms, many individuals tend to focus on their triceps and especially on their biceps.It`s understandable but think about it!When you`re outside the probability of wearing a t-shirt or a short sleeve shirt is big thus meaning that the most visible part o...

Katherine Heigl`s Workout and Diet Plan

Katherine Heigl played in movies like "The ugly truth" or "Life as we know it" and she did a damn good job with her acting. Katherine is cute, sexy and ravishing but if you want to be like her you really got to go through her intensive workout and diet plan or else.. you will not get that hot! :D One thing that you should really know about Katherine Heigl is that she hated working out (so if you hate it too, there`s one big resemblance between you and her). After meeting the Hollywood trainer...

Megan Fox as a young girl photos

Look at Megan Fox as a kid! She was so not the celebrity that we see and read about now :D. Megan was young, very young in these photos but those distinctive lips of her are still present so you can`t say that the little girl from the pics is not the real Megan Fox. By her looks back then, i guess she didn`t have problems with her diet :) but now if Megan Fox wants to look good the workout and diet plan must be in top priority! If you`re not that interested in how Megan Fox looked like...

Ben Affleck`s Workout and Diet Plan

Hmm did you see the new movie "The Town"? Well you should see it because it`s a really nice one with some good action in it :). Ben Affleck got some ripped muscles and a impressive physique when playing the role of a ex pro hockey player Doug "Dougie" MacRay, a longtime thief that tries to manage his feelings for a bank manager connected to one of his earlier heists... so the plot begins :D but nevermind the movie, let`s talk about Ben Affleck`s Workout and even a little bit about Ben`s Diet Pl...

The Subways – Rock & Roll Queen – Official Video

The Subways - Rock & Roll Queen - Official VideoThis song is so perfect for a little workout isn`t it?be my be my be my little rock and roll queen !!!!!!!!! Old school style